Rt66 copyWelcome to BackroadTraveler.net. My name is Craig Gephart.  I am a husband, father, computer technician, musician, photographer, motorcyclist, and TRAVELER!  If you find yourself dreaming of traveling the back roads this is the place for you!

I love to ride the roads less traveled, discovering bits and pieces of our pre-Interstate history that was once considered mainstream America.  I’m a fan of old towns, “Mom & Pop” motels, family owned diners, and old-fashioned tourist stops.

It seems the adventure of taking a road trip has become sterile and less engaging as we have become more proficient travelers.  We’ve gone from staying in motels with exterior doors and drive up parking spaces to hotels with closed corridors and parking lots where you walk to your vehicle (at least it give you an opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and relief from the sealed lodging facility you are staying in).

Today, nearly all hotel rooms have irons/ironing boards, scented toiletries, flat screen TVs with 30+ cable or satellite channels and restaurants offer at least 5 different flavors of soda/pop, water with lemon, a menu consisting of at least 3 pages, and climate controlled air conditioning.  But there was a time when road travel was more of an adventure  than the relatively predictable disengaged drive from point A to point B it is today.

Maybe it’s because, having traveled since I was a boy, I have seen a lot of change in the past 55 years of my life and can easily compare the all-too-typical cookie cutter conformity of “what is” with the unique and often serendipitous surprises of “what was”.  Taking the road less traveled, with its simple yet “expected unexpectedness”, IS life enriching.  On this website I will try to make you aware of some of the gems that have fallen by the wayside of Interstate travel and what has often been deemed “progress”.

Although I don’t publish updates to this site with any sort of regularity (I still have a full-time job and I’m anxiously awaiting the day I can travel more), I am striving to grow this site into a resource that can be useful to travelers and helpful to those involved in the tourism trade (mom & pop establishments, click here!).

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Biker’s Prayer

May the sun rise in front of me, the rain fall behind me, and the wind follow me.
May the Angels guard my travels for they know what is ahead of me.
Keep me safe through rolling hills and swirling turns.
Let the eagle guide me to the mountain tops.
Let the moon’s light guide me through the night.
Lord, thank you for letting me be a biker.